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Flash Fitness is a Game

It's everywhere you go
So, I'm just back from a week in London where the weather couldn't have been better. October in England...ah, so amazing. Walking through Saint James Park, on the Strand, trekking down Piccadilly into Soho and on to Mayfair. People were out. people were everywhere and even in Chinatown, the breakdancers were, well, dancing. 
What I kept seeing though were people stretching, practicing yoga and just exercising everywhere. With groups. By themselves and with friends. You know how things can be invisible to you until there is some relevance or context? Like hearing about a new food or a fashion and then seeing it everywhere? This new awareness with relevance and context is happening to me. I see QuikFit-ness everywhere and it's so cool. This gives team QuikFit App a sense of mission and confidence that we are on to something. 
Good timing equals luck. In business one is generally either too early or too late. Rarely does market opportunity meet consumer/business demand and product invention head-on.
I was once in a meeting with a prominent VC here is Silicon Valley. I was pitching a digital media company that was already successful but needed a real round of capital. We needed some growth capital to begin truly leveraging the early success and begin monetizing all our hard work. They passed on the investment for any number of reasons. But the learnings I took away that day has remained top of mind. He said it is "rarified air when an entrepreneur creates something so special that the market wants it, even before they know they want it." He said "good timing is extreme good luck", and you are "always too early or too late". We spent my pitch time discussing these realities and the well-known Silicon Valley Reality Distortion Field" (RDF) and the handful of companies who had good timing. We know them all, right? Beginning with Fairchild, Intel and IBM. Then, the next generation of well-timed entries; Apple, Microsoft, Intuit and then the more recent dream portfolio that includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the new kids; Airbnb, Uber and Snapchat, among other "unicorns".
Hard Work
You know the saying..."the harder I work the more luck I create". Maybe, but the reality is probably not. That's like saying the more lotto tickets I buy the greater my chance of wining. Statistically , you are still pretty much a loser.
But, I do agree that hard work + smart work can create success. But, add a little market momentum (reading the tea leaves) and inspired thought, sprinkle some startup experience with an ability to create, innovate and execute and you may just increase your odds.
This how I feel right now with QuikFit. This little social fitness app has such great potential globally. So much, that when sharing the pre-release version on my iPhone with friends and business associates, new and old relationships and across demographics, the reaction is so positive we have actually created desire. Pre-launch desire. That is something you can't push on people. It has to be organic and original. I really think we have timed our market entry well and with a little luck, we can turn our vision into reality.
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