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Get fit in 60-seconds

Happy New Year!

New year, new goals and new excitement surrounding QuikFit. First, we have totally embraced the concept of sixty-second fitness around here and we hope you will too.

Time is our enemy and we all have a way to justify not visiting the gym as frequently as we should. It's not the gym's fault you don't go. So, why not leverage your free seconds to stay connected with your gym without being there? That's what QuikFit is all about. Enjoying the benefits of gym membership while not having to feel guilty by not traveling to it.

Step 1: Download the latest version of QuikFit for your iPhone. Yes, Android is coming in the next 60 days so hang in there. Good things do sometimes, take time.

Step 2: Invite your friends, work mates, class mates, co-workers, friends and family. Share the app. Hell, it's free, right? 

Step 3: Challenge your friends, work mates, class mates, co-workers, friends and family to get fit quick with you. Imaging having fun and getting incrementally fitter playing the fitness challenge game. It's so easy. Commit to one challenge a day and then ramp up from there. 

QuikFit App is a modern way to remove barriers to your taking control of your health. 60- seconds is all we ask :)

Happy New Year!

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