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Reduce Turnover with Engagement

Leveraging technology to gamify social fitness and reduce turnover

Branded Membership Communications Tool

So, here is a business case for a marketing partnership that asynchronously connects club members with the club they pay a monthly membership fee to. 


A growing chain of fitness centers is lacking engagement with their paying members. While they have a decent location, convenient to suburban membership with plenty of parking, they are losing members after 6 months. Frequency of visitation is being tracked and it's declining rapidly beginning at month 7. Their data suggests that once frequency of visitation falls below 50%, membership is at risk. Risk means of those that stop visiting half the time, 25% quit. This is a negative trend that affects not only revenue but profitability and their ability to provide needed services that make the club attractive to begin with. This is a negative spiral that must be stopped.


Engagement is the key. So, how can you engage your clients and members without being in the same room? Well, technology and the near ubiquitous smartphone make that possible. But emails don't work and people really don't like receiving unsolicited texts. In-app messages via the QuikFit App is a great answer to asynchronously engaging and maintaining longer relationships.


Let's say I join a club and agree to pay $58 a month plus a one-time $200 joining fee. My annual financial commitment to the club is $896, or an average of $74.66 per month including my fee to join. Like everyone, I expect a certain value for my time and money. So every month, when my credit card gets charged, I reassess the club membership value proposition. This is natural and common these days when many of us have auto charges for all kinds of things. For example, I belong to a few wine clubs and basically forget that I do...until I get charged or, when I receive some wine that I forgot I ordered. This is what's called an auto-ship, and auto-charge. Every quarter, when this happens, I reassess the wine clubs value proposition. I ask myself whether I like the wine, need more of it and wonder if I visit the winery often enough to fee "engaged" as a member. What is interesting is that even if I don't physically visit the winery, when the wine comes, I feel connected again as a member and that's generally enough for me. This is what being asynchronously engaged is all about. And, this is exactly what QuikFit does for clubs, gyms, trainers and teams. We create a stronger asynchronous relationships between the member and the business and this engagement will lower turnover and that increases your revenue.

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