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Tennis Fitness in 60-Seconds

If tennis is your sport, we'll have ship shape

What's your Sport?
No matter what you create, there is always someone that has a better idea. While we think QuikFit is an amazing tool to keep fit and have fun doing it, there is always ways to make it better. While it's true we haven't even released the first version on iOS yet, we do have many people testing it. And, thankfully loving it! So what's the big idea?
The Big Idea
Well, the big idea is all about making the QuikFit App customizable and personal. This means adding more capability that is right for you. So, if you like to keep fit, be challenged and are generally competitive, then QuikFit App is perfect for you. But, what if tennis was your recreational sport. The sport you played weekends, some nights and maybe even in some local amateur tournaments? Then, you would also like to have some QuikFit exercises pertaining to tennis wouldn't you? We think so.
We also think adding say 10-15 specialty sport exercises would work well for golf, soccer, football and baseball, among others. So, look for these in the future. If you have any other ideas to help make QuikFit the leading social fitness game, please let us know!
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